Electric Co., Ltd. Anhui queue

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process:
(A) Resume Delivery
  1, on-site direct delivery
Address: Industrial Zone, Dalian Baohe Road 36, Anhui Electric Co., the third floor office queue
Contact: Ding
Tel :0551 -4842153-800
  2, send your resume to the company e-mail (hfchanglong@163.com), indicate the Position, do not send resume as an attachment;
  3, directly to the company's human resources application or resume delivery.
All candidate resumes into the company's talent pool, without refund, the conditions will be arranged in line with the interview.
(B) the interview process
  1. After receiving the interview, please bring ID card, student card, resume and other materials in accordance with notice of the time and place for interview;
  2 interview is divided into a professional interview, comprehensive interview.
(C) agreement
In the full context of communication, the spirit of "two-way choice" principle, the company signed an agreement with the candidates, the graduates signed "letter of intent to hire" and the tripartite agreement, "recruitment letter of intent" as an attachment after the signing of the tripartite agreement come into effect .