Electric Co., Ltd. Anhui queue

Company-based system

  Our slogan is: "inspire people with a cause, so that the cause of human achievement!"

  With the company's second Five-Year Plan goals, through continuous optimization of personnel structure and professional structure configuration, the rapid development of the company to train talents, people-oriented, win-win, created a world brand. Adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation principles to create a fair, just and open atmosphere, the establishment of a full potential mechanism to provide a fully self-worth of development.

  Through internal communication, communication, discussion and collaboration to improve the skills of workers; for the training of staff quality, adapt to business and social development through the establishment of a learning organization to provide adequate learning opportunities for employees; provide employees with career design, according to their adapt to the direction.


  Compensation and Benefits:

  1, to provide fringe benefits, reflecting the value of staff salaries and first-class learning environment;

  2, in accordance with state regulations for pension, unemployment, medical insurance, work injury and maternity insurance, five;

  3, to enjoy the various holidays of national law;

  4, the other of the comprehensive welfare policy.


  Through the establishment and improvement of effective long-term incentives to attract talented people to join company.


  With employees in order to increase their diligence, have the opportunity to be promoted through the establishment of competition for posts, the progressive majority of the production, research, marketing, administrative and other management positions through open competition to use the talents, opportunities for all equal; cadre promotion is not limited to financial viability, level, with special contributor to the implementation of exceptional or special promotion, that can not be competent cadres of demotion, transfer Kong and other policies; management through rigorous appraisal system to all staff in post evaluation, so capable, the appropriate person to stay, the commonplace, the poor were to go.