Electric Co., Ltd. Anhui queue


Service concept
Quality of care for the customer to create value in good faith
Service Tenet
Innovative and progressive customer satisfaction
Quality Commitment
1, in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, to provide high quality products meet the standards.
2, the product warranty period is twelve months from the date of production.
3, the company's strict compliance with the contract, the quality of the product warranty period by the company.
4, to ensure that equipment is high-quality materials and advanced technology and in strict accordance with drawings, technical requirements, system functional requirements and the countries and sectors (industry) standards for the manufacture and inspection. The implementation of the entire manufacturing process in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system implementation to ensure that the product is new, advanced technology, superior quality, no design, material and workmanship defects, suitable for use and purpose of the contract, provided the tender documents qualified products.
5, electrical components, models, specifications and options exactly as specified in your request the specific manufacturer, did not note the domestic component selection are quality products, and to provide you with the purchase certificate purchased parts, product quality and product qualification testing to prove certificate.
6, electrical components, raw materials storage prior strict quality inspection.
7, the device at the factory, according to the state of electrical products factory testing procedures for type testing.
8, to ensure the delivery of technical information is complete, clear and correct, and be able to meet the requirements and equipment installation, commissioning, feeding trial production, performance evaluation, operation and maintenance requirements.
1, products and services related to any questions, please consult the customer service hotline (Guo Yuwen: 13956092904),
The company's online Q & A by hand, and according to actual needs in the twenty-four hours or within the time agreed to provide on-site service.
2, products and services: quality products, warranty period, free of charge by the company responsible for maintenance or returned; product within the warranty period to two years by the company responsible for the maintenance and charge nominal fee.
3, engineering support products, the Company need to arrange for someone to provide on-site technical support.
4, conventional products delivered within three days; special products at the appointed time to deliver, as otherwise agreed to adjust the order.
5, according to customer demand the company to provide personalized service.