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Program advisory

Program is purely traditional distribution system to provide customers with integrated hardware distribution transformer and the current system work entirely by manual control. According to customer requirements to provide customers with integrated power distribution systems and solutions, designed according to customer's specific operational requirements of power distribution systems, and provide supporting low-voltage power distribution equipment has been widely applied to various types of power distribution systems industry .

In the distribution system to join the program based on the automated data collection and analysis, remote control, automatic fault detection and other automated control elements to achieve long-distance distribution system, and can be automatically collected through the analysis of the data analysis its power system operating condition, so that with system, electrical system safer and more efficient. Distribution system for applications that require higher reliability, security customers.

Intelligent power distribution system using the data collected by the program for system analysis and improvement of power system security, stability, efficiency, performance, energy-saving services including equipment maintenance and a range of other value-added services, including on-site diagnostics, installation supervision, site and remote maintenance, improve energy efficiency, training and technical support.