Electric Co., Ltd. Anhui queue

Message from the President

Dear Customer: 
Anhui Electric over the years in your queue 'attention, understanding and support of the efforts and hard work by all parties, companies are moving in the track of healthy development, which you are inseparable. On this occasion, to have no sense of the customer from scratch and now thousands of families, especially our queue brands, customers throughout the country north and south, making the company's brand reputation far and wide, many customers of the company's recognition and praise prevalent. Here, I tell you to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks. Also, I need to continue to report what has been achieved and future direction and goals. 
After years of effort, to expand our business good, the service concept rooted in Anhui, which won the customers of today, this is especially important. Our goal is always the same, is the "service of the power industry, manufacturing industry leader."
New situation, new tasks, we continue to call ahead and achieve better results. We will be full of political passion, and progressive mental state and works really realistic scientific attitude, unity of thinking, dedication and close cooperation, work together, to forge ahead, solid work, with confidence to meet new challenges, new dry world.

Chairman: Shi Min