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Investment in the domestic PV industry overcapacity caused by overheating or

2011-7-12   Source:   View:612

At present, China's PV industry investment overheating tendencies. Currently, the polysilicon has more than 134 billion total investment, if not to standardize and guide the inevitable excess capacity.
In 2010, the major polysilicon, solar cell manufacturers a lot of expansion, other industry players have entered, the current total investment in China's polysilicon industry over 134 billion, actually has invested 47 billion, production capacity of 40,000 tons has been completed, under construction production capacity of more than six Wan tons. Global polysilicon production in 2010 reached 116,000 tons, an increase of 22% in 2011 to reach 149,000 tons.
Also pointed out that excessive dependence on exports of polysilicon in China, more than 90% products are for export, trade protectionism and European subsidies, faces downside risks; polysilicon production and comprehensive utilization of energy needs to be improved; there is a big gap between high-end equipment is still dependent on imports.
At present, China has formed a production, including high-purity silicon, solar cell and module manufacturing, installation of photovoltaic systems and related supporting industries, including more complete solar PV industry chain. 25 enterprises put into operation the existing polysilicon production capacity 44,000 tons, annual output of 20,000 tons 2009, exports reached more than 90% of the domestic market is not open; solar cell production in 2009 over 4GW, an increase of 74%, accounting for 40% of world market share , the annual export volume reached 71 billion U.S. dollars.
Solar PV industry chain, including upstream polysilicon (electronic grade, solar grade), silicon production; middle photovoltaic cells, solar cells; downstream photovoltaic system applications (power systems, power of farmers and herdsmen, and LED composite applications) and so on. 
Source: Solar Photovoltaic Network