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5 trillion in emerging energy industry equipment manufacturers cake cutting open the economy to enha

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[REVIEW: Recently, the national power grid network of successful bidding for the project, two groups of countries bidding and purchasing power meter in 2010 the second batch of projects list of winning companies impressively in the head, which, Holley Pharmaceuticals, Haoningda, Xu Electric and other companies are following the "match." In addition to the first to start the bidding Smart Grid, the National Energy Board disclosed a total investment of up to 5 trillion yuan in new energy development plan, all areas of the business boom of equipment also grew out of shape.
The first smart grid investment, "throwing Hydrangea"
July 20, at National Grid's successful bidding for network projects, bidding two national grid 2010 meter second item list of winning companies impressively in the head, which, Holley Pharmaceuticals, Haoningda, Xu Electric and other companies are following the "match." Insiders said the national grid, smart grid device with the tender will be launched large-scale second half of this year.
In fact, apart from the first to start the bidding Smart Grid, the National Energy Board disclosed a total investment of up to 5 trillion yuan in new energy development plan, including nuclear, wind, solar, clean coal and other emerging energy industry investment will set off the storm, while the corresponding sub-field of cake has quietly launched various fields boom equipment manufacturers also grew out of shape.
Opening the tender drama of smart grid investments
July 20, the size of the national grid centralized bidding and purchasing power meter 2010 second end of the project and produce several successful businesses. Subsequently, including Haoningda, Holley Pharmaceutical and a number of listed companies announced that the successful national network of smart meter project. One, a subsidiary of Holley Holley Pharmaceutical share of 364 million yuan meter total bid, bid number more than 220 million units, ranked first in the tender. The company expects 2010 operating results of the successful tenderer will have a positive impact.
Analysts believe that the results from the successful bidder, the bid price of smart meters higher than the first batch released in early April bid price. Meanwhile, the tender evaluation program from the low bid to the principle of comprehensive pricing principle, which is conducive to gross margin related to equipment manufacturers turn for the better. It is understood that the reason for the evaluation of such programs in the pricing change, because the State Grid of the first smart meters with a low bid tender method, but the results of some bidders through low prices to win orders, but some of the more technical strength less solid companies get some orders.
Experts said that the tender for smart meters, if the price is kept too low, the surface is the buyer the right, but the quality of goods affected by the loss of, or that power grid enterprises. The second tender is a comprehensive pricing method used, including both price points, but also including technical points, this way, bidding companies need both a strength and a technical level, we must consider the buyer can accept the price. In addition, sources said, the smart meters in the tender, up to more than 1,000 sub-standard package, companies must develop strategies in the tender, careful analysis of each standard package of cost-effective, strong technical force for some businesses, you can choose demanding that the package, the price can be slightly higher; a little smaller on the strength of the company, you can choose a simpler technical requirements package, are within its capacity.
It is understood that Holley medicine has all the assets of the company's pharmaceutical stripping, and fully focus on energy meter business, but also reflects the company's industry is very promising for smart meters. In 2009, the national grid smart meters held the first tender, the total value of nearly $ 900 million 2.94 million meters order flowers dozens of companies. In fact, with a similar aim Holley Pharmaceutical smart grid equipment companies as well. As they expected, will vigorously promote the national grid smart grid equipment tender, within the scope of the initial meet their smart grid demonstration pilot project needs.
5 trillion in emerging energy cake preliminary subdivision
In addition to smart-grid, in addition to including nuclear power, wind power and other new energy sources and clean coal, distributed energy and other traditional energy sources in 2011 and 2020 co-driving up to 5 trillion yuan of investment boom.
National Energy Board recently reported that, according to the State Department's deployment requirements, the preparation of the Energy Bureau of the emerging energy industry development plan, the planning period of 2011-2020, currently has a more mature plan draft is submitted to the State Department prepared in accordance with the procedures for approval. The plan includes not only nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and other new unconventional natural gas energy industry, including the upgrading and transformation of traditional energy sources, such as clean coal, smart grid, distributed energy, energy car with the new energy industrial application of new technologies, the specific implementation of the path.
5 trillion within a decade of investment-led, in the National Energy Board authority seems more reflected in the full pull of the industry on the whole society, including not only the energy industry to bring new scientific research, construction, equipment, consumption, etc. The investment-led, including the steel, building materials and other traditional industries driving. Therefore, it is difficult to 5 trillion of investment-led very detailed breakdown of reasons is not sure which industry will yield more long-term development, and a greater development of the industry is subject to its field of technology breakthrough.
Nonetheless, China's energy development plan in 2020 generally determine the size of the installed capacity target of several categories of new and renewable energy industry, will bring its investment in basic can be expected. Some industry experts predict that by 2020 wind power installed capacity will reach 250 million kwh of nuclear power installed capacity will reach 70-80 million kilowatt hours of solar installed capacity will reach 20GW.
In the short-term energy "five" plan, nuclear power and natural gas became the focus of development. Among them, the scale of natural gas use by 2015 may reach 26 billion cubic meters in the proportion of energy consumption structure is expected to increase from the current 3.9 percent to 8.3 percent.
In contrast, including smart grid, clean coal, distributed energy, energy car with the new industrialization of new energy technologies appropriate amount of investment being difficult to estimate. Among them, the smart grid, National Grid has announced three years earlier than 4 trillion yuan investment for smart grid investments, and equally committed to smart grid development investment in China Southern Power Grid will also play an important role.
Several areas of equipment manufacturers to enhance the boom
For the new energy industry planning involved in several major industries, the industrial development speed of the driven equipment supplier will be the most significant, and can become the leading company within the field, depending on the company's future growth of the industry to benefit .
Compared to other areas, smart grid is characterized by a huge amount of investment, investors relatively simple, mainly to National Grid and China Southern Power Grid-based. Some experts said that in the intelligent electricity grid, National Grid and China Southern Power Grid are not the same focus, the former mainly focused on power transmission, which focused on the distribution intelligence. But their needs are large number of devices in power transmission equipment, distribution equipment, and user table with other aspects need considerable investment. Can be expected, XJ Electric, NARI, the National Power South, Siyuan Electric and other electrical equipment leading listed companies are expected to harvest a large number of orders.
Similarly, wind power, solar, nuclear power industry will have to increase their investment within the industry and equipment manufacturers to bring great business opportunities. Industry sources expect that by 2015, wind energy scale is expected to reach 90 million kilowatts, solar and biomass energy scale are expected to reach 20 million kilowatts. Currently the first offshore wind power and photovoltaic tender tender are in progress, while inland nuclear power plant site selection is also underway. As seen above prospects for the development of new energy industry, many companies to join them, but it also faces big technical barriers. Therefore, a long brand in the industry to form the company can continue to be optimistic, wind power equipment such as wind technology, nuclear power equipment such as Dongfang Electric, nuclear science and technology.
With the new energy industry into the fast lane, speed up the development scale, in addition to the first to benefit from investment growth industry equipment manufacturers, the new industry operators will also usher in the era of Maori gradually increase. Experts expect, then, more equipment and operators, or may arise between the powerful combination of the integration of the phenomenon of chain extension. 
Source: China Securities Journal