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On the status of China's drive industry

2011-7-12   Source:   View:546

Inverter industry in China has a 20-year history, the market has expanded each year, the 2008 high, medium and low voltage inverter the total market capacity is close to 15 billion, about 140 domestic and foreign brands, there are thousands of agents engaged in sales and secondary development of the company. See from the number of brands, domestic brands accounted for more than 70%, but the market share of only about 24%. Although the market share of domestic brands in the fast expanding, but most of the market is still more than a dozen European and American and Japanese brands accounted for. At present, the industry has begun to take shape, and the development potential is very considerable. The industry believes that China inverter market in the next 10 years will reach saturation, during the annual market growth rate will remain at 15% or more. But in 2009, due to financial crisis, the growth rate of industry market volume will be significantly slowed down.
China inverter industry characteristics. The 1980s, foreign capital began to enter China's market converter products, as China's rapid economic development and people's awareness of energy saving, since the 1990s in industrial applications drive more and more popular, the industry has expanded rapidly.
1993, market capacity of China's drive for less than 4 billion by 1999 had reached $ 2.8 billion in 2008 nearly $ 15 billion. As the market expands and the needs of diverse clients, drive the domestic market continue to improve product features, integration and becoming more systematic, more convenient operation, but also some industry-specific frequency products. In addition, the frequency of application areas are expanding, to the low frequency point of view, from the factory's production and processing equipment to the central air conditioning, from heavy machinery to the textile industry, from 0.4 kilowatts of power to thousands of kilowatts of small power motors have been widely used to obtain significant economic benefits.
China's current low-voltage inverter in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry. First, the inverter market in China attractive, not only the market capacity, and potential capacity is also very impressive, attracting a large number of industry participants. According to statistics, domestic inverter on the market, including foreign and domestic funds, including about 140 brands, and thousands of agents engaged in product sales and secondary development of the company.
Second, the homogenization of the product, mainly behind the V / F control products, prices and intensifying competition. Many domestic brands can only produce small V / F products, backward control method makes it unable to enter the highly profitable field of high-end industry-specific frequency of price competition is often used as the most effective marketing tool, many do not have the size advantage survival of small and medium brands will become increasingly difficult.


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