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Low-carbon industry to the development of instrumentation industry to bring new opportunities

2011-7-12   Source:   View:631

As a low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission-based economic model, "low-carbon economy" concept since the first time since 2003, has become a recognized model of sustainable development, human society and is considered Following the agricultural civilization of industrial civilization, another major step forward. "Low-carbon economy" refers to the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through advances in technology, new energy development, industrial restructuring, institutional innovation and other means to minimize high-carbon coal, oil and other energy consumption, limit greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection as a win-win model of economic development. The essence is energy-efficient, clean energy development, the pursuit of green GDP problem, the core technology and energy saving technology innovation, system innovation and industrial structure and the concept of human survival and development of a fundamental change.
Low Carbon Expo Forum Forum issued the first "low-carbon action" initiative, with the "Low Carbon Expo" exciting show in the world, low-carbon, the concept of environmental protection more highly regarded. Global wave of rapid advent of low-carbon, low-carbon economy is a hot issue, it should be said is expected to do. Due to the integrated internal and external forces, is driving the country towards a low carbon economy era.
Instrumentation industry developed a new direction
Energy consumption, reduce emissions and low carbon economy is a long-term trends, these trends also led to a number of high-speed development of new industries. For example, wind power, nuclear power, smart power grids, high-speed train and rail transport, these industries made a new instrument requirements.
To achieve the emissions-reduction targets, it must accurately capture the energy, measurement and real-time monitoring, analysis, and load control, which requires instruments, especially electric power measuring instruments and automation management system products with a high intelligence, networking, reliability and features.
Although many instrument vendors' products can not directly produce low-carbon benefits, but the supplier itself can provide advanced instruments to improve user productivity, improve product quality, monitor emissions, contributing to a low carbon economy.
China instrument industry is still in the stage of the overall strength of the weak, to focus on product technology content improved. Among them, a very important direction is the product of intelligence. Intelligent industry is a low-carbon economy, but also has advanced technology, in line with the current overall economic development. However, the weakest areas of our intelligence, it is precisely the development most in need of instruments, meters, sensors and other basic industries. Intelligent manufacturing industries rely on the first line of instruments, meters and other advances in basic industries, therefore, instrumentation industry should seize the current opportunity to develop new industries need new instrumentation products.
Environmentally friendly energy-efficient low-carbon economy to usher in new opportunities for instrument
In order to guide the direction of environmental protection industry, the relevant departments in the technological innovation and transformation projects, focus on encouraging research, development, production and use of the equipment listed in the catalog (product); meet the requirements of the national key projects, will provide appropriate subsidies.
Investment Advisor in the Director Zhang Yan Lin pointed out, clear and comprehensive policy to support the development of environmental protection equipment will play a major role. Environmental protection machinery industry as a mechanical dynamic new industry, China's machinery industry should optimize the industrial structure adjustment in key development areas.
Investment adviser's report also forecasts that by 2010, China's environmental protection industry output will reach 880 billion yuan, accounting for 3.4% of GDP in the same period, environmental protection equipment output value reached 120 billion yuan, accounting for 13.6% of China's environmental protection machinery industry has a huge potential for development of a sunrise industry.
"Low-carbon economy" needs "low-carbon technologies" do support
"Low-carbon economy" means that the energy structure adjustment, the adjustment of industrial structure and technological innovation, promote a series of industry development and growth. Major support low-carbon economy is the "low-carbon technologies," If there is no advanced technology to guide, there will be a low-carbon economy to flourish. Low-carbon technologies involving electricity, transportation, construction, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical and other sectors and in renewable energy and new energy sources, clean and efficient use of coal, oil and gas resources and coal bed methane exploration and development, carbon dioxide capture and sequestration and other areas of development effectively control greenhouse gas emissions from new technology.
Transition to a low carbon economy is a trend in the energy sector, high energy-consuming equipment must not suitable for the development of future energy needs, how to effectively apply advanced technology to the device, the instrument companies must consider. Low-carbon economy, the trend for the instrumentation industry, there is an opportunity not only bring more severe challenges. For instrument companies, whether low-carbon technologies is not the master of low-carbon economy's ability to seize the opportunities of the problem, but the problem of survival. At this time the instrumentation industry, such as riding a boat behind. Master of low-carbon technology companies, not only to seize the business opportunities to keep their market position, on the contrary, not only with the opportunities missed, or even eliminated by the market.
In this case, do not keep up with any situation, the lack of new technology companies, will be engulfed by the tide of the market; and understand the situation and priority to master the advanced technology enterprise, will be favored by the market. In short, to keep up with technological developments, to seize the key technology is the low-carbon economy of instrumentation companies should have to do.
Low carbon economy, the government is essential to promote
Support the "low-carbon economy" development requires government departments, relevant companies and financial institutions to work together. Hangzhou this year for environmental protection, ecological compensation fund 62 million yuan more than last year. Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Resources Director Xudong Min said, low-carbon economy "Seven economy" included in the key financial support this year, 1.052 billion yuan of special funds to support private enterprise development.
Hangzhou to build "low-carbon city", the success of leveraging private capital. Hangzhou government-led $ 5 billion to promote the "low-carbon industry funds" in preparation. The fund will be a province-wide mining and reserve a number of good projects, investments to support business development. Government's concern and guidance, so that private capital can see the opportunities a low carbon economy. Late last month, Zhejiang launched its first venture capital investment in the direction of low-carbon industry private equity fund, the total size of $ 200 million. Has signed a financing agreement worth more than $ 170 million.
Like Shaoxing, Hangzhou, like many cities adhere to the Government to promote the Yangtze River Delta, planning guidance, demonstration and the principle of public participation, the truth is exploring low-carbon economy to local development.
Many people think that China's enterprises in low-carbon economic development than foreign enterprises lag behind, it is not. WWF officials in low-carbon businesses Zheng Ping said: "Many Chinese companies the size of carbon is much greater than their foreign counterparts, and low-carbon businesses do more because it is to promote management innovation, the driving force behind technological innovation." Number of batches enterprises to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, has grown to become the vanguard of low-carbon economy.
Building a low carbon society, to protect the global environment, sustainable development, to win, without the community and everyone's participation, efforts, more needs of each enterprise, the accumulation of bits and pieces from everyone, from every side and doing. Optimistic that we can see a new low-carbon age, a progressive model of social development, a wave of global low-carbon industry will give the instrumentation industry to bring new development opportunities.