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Smart meters into the application of microcontrollers industry hot spots

2011-7-12   Source:   View:672

From the first half of last year, becoming the smart meter microcontroller (MCU) business application hot spots, several companies competing to release new MCU products. Not long ago, Freescale, ADI and NXP's staged a show of new products.
ADI-phase energy metering IC accuracy up to 0.1%
Some analysts have pointed out, the next five years, with growth in the deployment of smart grid, smart meters will be installed worldwide up to 200 million number. In China, with the smart grid $ 596 billion economic stimulus plan is being implemented and is expected in the next three to five years to deploy 170 000 000 smart meters. In the United States Government for funding to upgrade its power grid, in part, is used to make 13 percent of U.S. households (18 million households) within the next three years to install smart meters. In Europe, Italy and Sweden have already completed advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployment, will replace all the normal meter smart meters. France, Spain, Germany and the UK is expected to be completed in the next 10 years, AMI deployment.
December 2009, ADI announced the U.S. launch of four new high-precision energy measurement IC-ADE7878, ADE7868, ADE7858 and ADE7854, can be used to enhance the commercial, industrial and residential smart meter accuracy and performance.
Director RonnKliger ADI's energy sector, said: "In the total active and reactive energy measurement, the four products of precision and dynamic range beyond the meter industry Class0.2 specifications. The four new devices are also 0.1 % accuracy measure both reactive and active power. In addition, a product which also has the fundamental power measurement, power quality monitoring which is critical. "
ADE7878, ADE7858 and ADE7854 Energy Metering IC with high accuracy for the multi-phase configuration and design, including three-and four-line, Y-, and delta type. The dynamic range of 1000:1, which can be as active and reactive energy measurements of 0.1% accuracy; dynamic range of 3000:1, for both active and reactive energy measurements of 0.2% accuracy. These new products also in the dynamic range of 1000:1 RMS current and RMS voltage measurement to provide 0.1% accuracy.
In addition to measuring each phase and neutral power outside, ADE7868 and ADE7878 can also monitor power quality parameters, such as SAG, peak, period, angle measurement and phase sequence. Another industry first is to keep running at the same time, ADE7868 and ADE7878 with various anti-theft features to ensure the normal work, which can reduce on-site assistance and meter repair time.
MZ series MCU Freescale network for the country to build
Late last year, China's State Grid Corporation of a new smart grid planning, proposed a series of single-phase meter design requirements, such as: increasing the basic measurement functions, cost control function complex, with a variety of meter reading communication modes, and shell Die unified, electronic circuit layout relatively fixed position and so on.
In the full study on China's national network of new standards for single-phase energy meter designs based on Freescale introduced the MZ series of 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) chip, integrated 60kB, 96kB or 128kB flash memory, 64-pin LQFP package . MZ series of microcontrollers also offer 32-bit processor chips, integrated 256kB flash memory. MZ series of all the chip can achieve 64-pin chip is fully compatible with the user without modifying the PCB (printed circuit board) layout will be able to upgrades. Provide one-stop reference design (Figure 1) contains the necessary hardware and software, fully compliant with China's national network of new standards for the meter, smart meters can simplify development and speed to market.
Freescale's marketing manager, Asia Pacific, has Jintao said China's national network of new standard to the digital meter to bring a re-shuffle of business opportunities, but also to the chip vendor opportunities. In the domestic market share has doubled year on year. The Freescale's new standard based on China's national network launched a special 64-pin single meter with 9S08MZ60, MZ96, MZ128MCU, three meter with 51MZ256, etc., also make a prototype, the customer can immediately be used to participate in the tender, tender success after further optimization; or tender is successful with other programs, these chips use Freescale improvements.
NXP MCU in the application of the smart meter system
According to a blueprint for the development of smart meters, NXP introduced ARMCortex based MCU solutions - LPC1700 series, the industry's high performance, the Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. EEMBC test results show that the same clock speed running, LPC1700 application code execute faster than other major competing product Cortex-M3 35% faster on average. LPC1700 in the smart meter system applications include three-phase (multi-) form, single-phase multi-rate / multi-table and multi-functional terminal.
Specifically, LPC1700 main features are: a 100MHz processing speed of ARMCortex-M3 controller; nested vector interrupt the processor; memory protection unit; wake-up interrupt the processor, to meet a variety of automatic wake-up interrupt priority; four kinds of power-saving modes: sleep, deep sleep, down, deep power-down.
Greater China, NXP Semiconductors, according to multiple business, marketing director, introduced Jin Yujie, NXP metering system solutions to optimize the use of external design, with anti-theft and other functions, you can use non-contact reader technology to complete pre-paid. The Smart MX security solutions, can be equipped with multi-meter indoor wireless connectivity with the ISM-band transceiver, and a variety of standard chips available, such as SMPS (switching power) chip, low power implementation of the clock, display drivers, small signal discretes and standard logic devices. 

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