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Fourth-generation low-voltage electrical products in the future

2011-7-12   Source:   View:639

Low-voltage electrical industry today on behalf of my best level, to DW45 represented the third generation of low-voltage electrical products, is expected to be in order to communicate the main features of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products instead. To speed up the realization of different levels to meet market demand, to keep pace with cutting-edge technology, barriers and other targets across the EU to develop a new generation of products a top priority.
Launched the "new generation" trend
Meet the diverse needs of different levels. Low-voltage electrical industry through "85" since the years of development, DW45, represented the third generation of low-voltage electrical products has been formed. The basic characteristics of high performance, small size; electronic, intelligent and modular, multi-functional. Most have been developed and put on the market, as China's current low-voltage electrical industry, high-end products.
With low-voltage electrical industry related new technologies, new materials, new standards continue to develop, to 2010, China's first generation products will face elimination round, second-generation product will become the low-end products, reduced to third-generation mid-range products. To this end, from product development and market demand for different levels considered necessary to develop the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products.
Track new product development and market of foreign competition. Low-voltage electrical current major foreign manufacturers Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Moeller, GE, Cutler, Hammer, Mitsubishi, Fuji, etc. from the late 1990s to the beginning of this century have been on the launch of a new generation of products. Both technical and economic indicators from the integrated product, product mix and material selection and application of new technologies (such as digital and communication technology) and other aspects of the new breakthrough. There are indications that a new generation of products have entered the Chinese market. In order to win the market competition, China's new generation of low-voltage electrical product development must be accelerated.
Changes in product features on the "quality" differences to the traditional low-voltage electrical injection of high-tech. With field bus technology development and application of low-voltage electrical products can be a positive communication and network development. Currently, almost all foreign products with the latest generation of communication, and our third-generation low-voltage electrical product development and application, so that our products and foreign advanced level has been reduced to ten years or so, if the low-voltage electrical communication technology is not available in time with , then the gap with foreign advanced level is not only the differences on the level of product performance, but the product features on the "quality" differences. It will allow our intelligence in the future low-voltage low-voltage electrical power distribution and control systems in a total loss of competitiveness in the market. It can be said to be communication as the main feature of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical industry will be the future direction of product development.
Development of "green" across the EU barriers. With the two EU directives promulgation and implementation of environmental protection, eco-electrical means, namely, "green" electrical era. Requirements of the EU market electrical products from design, production, use, recycling should consider ecological impacts. In fact, China's current production of many products can not meet the requirements of environmental protection directives. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the traditional products, from product design to consider the selection of new materials, manufacturing processes to comply with EU directives, so that low-voltage electrical becoming "green" products.
Fortunately, in recent years, low-voltage electrical manufacturing process has been greatly improved, product testing have begun to use automatic on-line, in order to adapt to new technology development, but also need to vigorously develop new generation products.
The introduction of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical, low-voltage electrical industry, will bring China's significant changes in product mix to change the current pattern of low-voltage electrical three generations living under one roof.
"New Generation" on a variety of products with international advanced open field bus connection, to meet the low-voltage power distribution and control system network needs. Depending on the product can be directly connected with the bus system can also be connected through the communication adapter, and its overall performance up to the latest generation of foreign advanced level.
Product has four main features: high-performance, the major technical indicators for different products to determine the key breakthroughs in the target, compared with the third generation of these indicators have improved significantly; extensions and improved, with the new generation of microprocessors and communication technology in low-voltage electrical of general application, product features will be further expanded and improved; high reliability, improved reliability is the main goal of the fourth generation of products, from product design, material selection, manufacturing processes, product testing and other aspects into account, but also the development of internal reliability assessment indicators and assessment methods; improve product performance, maintenance, user-friendly is one of the goals to pursue next-generation products abroad, China's fourth generation of low-voltage electrical and future new product development will also have given sufficient attention.
Development of fourth generation low-voltage electrical product structure will achieve a major innovation: First, the overall product plan, structure and layout, the main parts of the structure there is a new breakthrough. Second, the product is higher than the third generation of modular products has improved significantly. Third, accessories, parts, connections and complete, to meet different user needs. Fourth, the new generation of low-voltage electrical appearance significantly improved. Fifth, the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical main materials used to meet environmental requirements and compliance with EU environmental directives in two clear "restrictions on the use of electrical equipment containing lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers of six hazardous substances in materials, "the requirement to low-voltage electrical appliances gradually to the development of environmental protection. Sixth, the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical parts and product structure, assembly, testing should be adapted to automated production demands.
China's current low-voltage electrical production scale level in a preliminary and manufacturing of automatic assembly and automatic testing requirements. To this end, a new generation of product design phase is necessary to consider these technical requirements, the overall level of China's low-voltage electrical improvement basis.
There will be significant changes in product mix
The coming period, the development of low-voltage electrical industry direction is to further the intelligent, communication development, low-voltage power distribution and control system and gradually develop the intelligent network.
Accelerate China's fourth generation of R & D and promotion of low-voltage electrical appliances, will be the industry focus of the next period of work. Beginning in 2010 China's fourth-generation low-voltage electrical market will be gradually, then, the overall level of the industry to a new level. According to market demand on the part of the third generation of products will be the second development to further improve the cost, while achieving product differentiation and improve market competitiveness.
It is worth mentioning that the development of new products should learn from foreign advanced experience, well-known companies in the development of new products, high performance and economy both, to meet the needs of different market levels.Accordingly, our next generation products should be derived from the third generation or fourth-generation products to develop both economic development products.