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CLXL low-voltage power distribution cabinet

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CLXL type distribution box

1 Overview
CLXL type distribution box with a compact structure, easy maintenance, flexibility and other advantages of a portfolio, it is widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises, as AC 50Hz, rated voltage below 500V three-phase power system distribution purposes. Distribution box of the control circuit has overload and short circuit protection. The indoor distribution box can be concealed, wall surface mounted or floor installation, operation and maintenance before the screen; also outdoor floor installation, maintenance and operation of double-sided.
1.1 Installation height: not to exceed an altitude of 2000 meters.
1.2 Working conditions: ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ and no less than -20 ℃.
1.3 relative humidity not exceeding 90%;
1.4 is not conductive enough to dust and can corrode metal and damage the insulation gas in place;
1.5 places no risk of explosion;
1.6 severe vibration and bumps, and did not install the tilt must not exceed 5 degrees.

2 structure
CLXL type distribution box system enclosed structure, with a thin shell made of steel plate bending. Distribution box in front of the door, the door opened, all electrical equipment Chang Lu power distribution box, in order to facilitate maintenance. Distribution box cover for the lifting rings can be installed with.
CLXL power distribution box of the installed electrical components, with a compact, easy inspection, combined characteristics of a flexible power distribution box installed automatic switches or fuses as short-circuit protection; also equipped with contactors and thermal relays; box can be installed before the meter , voltmeter, and the operation buttons, indicators, switches and so on. When multiple parallel installation, can be attached to the box top closed bus box, height of 300 mm. Before opening the box on the left and right sidewalls, allowing the bus through the.
3 Installation and maintenance
3.1 When the products reach their destination of the first need to check whether the package is complete with spare parts, and the product stored in a clean dry place.
3.2 Under normal circumstances, distribution box wall installation. Lead from pipes buried underground cables or cable channel, where special requirements can also be introduced from the top cable management.
3.3 in the distribution box can be installed after unpacking, installation dimensions according to box against the wall or the planting of a pre-foot channel, to the foot and the mounting screw nut channel owned by the user.
3.4 distribution box after installation or repair to be put into operation following the first inspection and test (after inspection and maintenance test as the nature of the repair):
a. Check the box if there is peeling paint layer, inside is clean;
b. hand-operated knife switch is flexible and should be no card trip phenomenon;
c. Check the voltmeter, ammeter is good and right;
d. Check all electrical equipment is intact;
e. Check bus connection contact is good;
f. Check and test the distribution box is reliable grounding device, check whether the obvious signs;
g. use the shake table measuring insulation resistance, insulation resistance shall be not less than 0.5 megohm;
3.5 When the melt blown film breaks down, you need to identify the cause, then replace the fuser film, when the exchange must first cut off the load.
3.6 distribution box at run time, should always pay attention to cleaning around, after a certain period of time, both inside and outside should be clean and should be regular maintenance.

4 sets of products
Distribution box with the product packing list, certificate, manual, or necessary principle (wiring) diagram, a door key and spare parts provided under the agreement.

5 Ordering Information
When ordering, customers should provide the following information:
5.1 distribution box model and the number of units;
5.2 inside the loop components should be specified: air release switch current rating, fuses and fuse knife switch rated current, the contactor coil voltage to attract hot components rated current, current transformer ratio, the instrument value.