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Box Transformer Station YB European

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I. Overview
YB □ -12/0.4 (FR) / T Series Outdoor Prefabricated Substation (also known as "American box change" or "Combined Transformers"), the company is a combination of the U.S. box-type substation and the advantages of traditional European box changes based on the actual situation in our country to improve the design of new products. It not only has the American box changed the characteristics of the upcoming transformers, high voltage load switch, fuse and other protective components immersed in insulating oil within the same time with low flow, short circuit, phase loss protection to meet the user metering, reactive power compensation , low-voltage shunt outlet and other configuration requirements. Widely used in residential, commercial centers, railway stations, airports, factories and mines, schools, hospitals and other end-load or ring power supply unit.
Main characteristics:
1, small, compact, flexible and convenient;
2, fully insulated, fully sealed structure, enclosure grounding, a reliable guarantee for personal safety;
3, high voltage power supply solution, both for the ring, dual power, but also for the terminal. Conversion convenient, high reliability;
4, double fuse protection, lower operating costs. Which fuse into the fuse for the temperature, current Unika fuse;
5, using high-voltage cable connector into the cable structure, with isolation switch features, easy to operate;
6, the transformer structure and the use of advanced technology, low noise, low loss, short circuit and overload characteristics;
7, the program can be customized low-voltage design, low-voltage substation solutions to overcome the American single defect.
Ordering Information
Third, the user must provide the following information, such as ordering:
1, model, size, quantity, color;
2, the transformer is high, low voltage, join groups, tapping range, impedance requirements;
3, high voltage power supply way: dual power, ring, or terminal, high-voltage cables using cable core material, and whether the cable cross-section model with surge arresters, fault indicators or indicators such as charged;
4, the number of low-voltage circuits, low-voltage circuit breaker type, size, low-pressure side of the need for compensation and compensation;
5, low-voltage main switch and the model is set up, metering and meter measurement requirements;
6, other requirements.