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YB-12/0.4 Prefabricated Substation
I. Scope
YB series pre-industrial substation, is the high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, low voltage electrical equipment combined into a compact power distribution unit for urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural construction, luxury villas, Square Park, residential, high-tech development zone , small and medium sized factories, mines and oil fields, electricity and other temporary construction sites, power distribution systems for receiving and distributing power.
YB series of prefabricated substation, with a complete set of strong, small, compact, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, and mobile features, compared with conventional substation construction, with the capacity of box-type substation area is usually only for conventional substation Dacron 1 / 10 ~ 1 / 5, greatly reducing the amount of design effort and the work rotation, reducing construction costs. In the distribution system, distribution system for the ring can also be used for dual power distribution system terminal or radiation, is the urban and rural construction and renovation of the new substation equipment.
This product complies with GB/T17467 "high / low voltage prefabricated substation" standard and SD320 "box-type substation technology conditions."
Second, the use of environmental conditions: 3.1 Altitude: 1000M and below;
3.2 ambient temperature:
-25 ℃ ~ +40 ℃, 24H period the average temperature does not exceed +35 ℃;
3.3 Wind speed: no more than 35M / S;
3.4 Relative humidity: less than 90% (+25 ℃);
3.5 earthquake horizontal acceleration:
Not more than 0.4M/S2, vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.2M/S2;
3.6 Available at: There should be conductive dust and metal, insulation harmful corrosive, flammable, explosive dangerous goods;
3.7 installation site without severe vibration, the vertical gradient of not more than 3 degrees.
Note: the special role of the conditions when ordering with our consultation.