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CLXW arc harmonic elimination cabinet

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Also known as (computer harmonic elimination arc line selection and over-voltage protection device), the power industry for the 3-35KV Neutral, the neutral point arc suppression coil grounding or neutral point grounded electrical impedance system, the system can be various types of over-voltage limit, effectively improving system security and reliability of power supply operation.
With the current grid development, overhead lines are solid and gradually replaced by insulated cable lines is an inevitable trend. As the cumulative effect of the breakdown of solid insulation, its internal over-voltage, especially the single-phase power grid grounded intermittent arc generated when the arc voltage and thus the ground is too excited ferromagnetic resonance over-voltage, grid has become the safe operation of such a major threat, which the ground over-voltage single-phase arc is most serious. Ground over-voltage arc voltage transformer will be saturated, ferromagnetic resonance excitation, resulting in serious overload voltage transformer, causing the fuse fuse or transformer burned. And because the ground over-voltage arc long duration, the energy can easily exceed the capacity of the arrester, arrester lead to an explosion. Then there arc generated by the high amplitude of the ground over-voltage cables exacerbated by the accumulation of solid insulation damage or even puncture shooting. 
Cabinet, computer controller (core devices, including computer harmonic elimination device, a small current alignment and other functions), high pressure transformer in the PT, over-voltage protection, fuse, isolating switch, zero sequence current transformer and so on. 
Device principle
3-35KV lines in the system in the event of ground over-voltage arc, arc controller to the computer with vacuum contactor failure to issue closing orders, the fault phase vacuum contactor fast action, within the two cycles into a metallic arc grounding ground. Point of failure due to over-voltage arc is zero and immediate extinction, non-fault phase voltage at times over the rated phase voltage, safe operation can be long (State regulations require 2 hours). At this time duty on the fault line from the processing, or computer line selection device automatically. The device of the computer harmonic elimination arc also set the PT controller disconnection, device failure alarm; ground fault occurs when the system may issue a movement signal, indicating nature of the fault (arc or metal grounding or ground resonance) and display the fault relative to the other; the computer fitted with RS485 communication interface, can be realized with the computer network and communications background to achieve comprehensive security manufacturers. 
1 in 2 cycle off within the arc, effectively eliminating the ground over-voltage arc, thereby avoiding arc grounding accidents caused by a variety of insulation.
2 Since the various relative and the relative phase between the over-voltage are limited to a lower level, which greatly reduces the possibility of ferromagnetic resonance excitation.
3 I produced computer harmonic elimination device and the arc line selection device co-alignment results are satisfactory.
4 arc from the computer harmonic elimination device works we can see, the mechanism of its limitations and over-voltage grid-to-ground capacitive current is independent, and thus its protection performance does not vary with changes in the way power grid instead.
5. Microcomputer arc harmonic elimination device could replace the PT alone cabinet.
6. Microcomputer arc harmonic elimination device separate loading, simple structure, easy installation, small footprint, both for the new substation, but also for the transformation of the old station.