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High and low knowledge Daquan

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High and low knowledge Daquan
Standard low-voltage electrical
Low-voltage electrical product standards usually include the use of the product, the scope of application, environmental conditions, technical performance requirements, pilot projects and methods, packaging, transportation requirements, it is the manufacturer and user and acceptance basis.
Nature can be divided into the standard content-based standards, professional standards and product standards three categories.
The nature of the approved level of standard content can be divided into: the national standard (GB), Department of Standards (JB) and the Board approved corporate standards (JB / DQ) three!
Several low-voltage electrical function
Low-voltage fuses the main function?
A: The main is to achieve low-voltage distribution system short-circuit protection, and some can achieve its overload protection.
Low-voltage knife switch the main function?
A: The no-load operation, as an isolation switch.
Low-voltage knife switch and fuse load switch the main function?
A: Low-voltage fuse switch blade knife switch and fuse with the dual function. The main function of the load switch-off can be effective in load current, can short-circuit protection.
Low-voltage circuit breaker main function?
A: both off with a load circuit, but also in short circuit, overload and loss of pressure automatic tripping.
Basic structure of low-voltage circuit breakers
Low-voltage circuit breaker is the low voltage electrical systems in one of the main electrical equipment. Low-voltage circuit breakers can be connected or disconnected under normal load circuit when the circuit or overload fault occurs, the low-voltage circuit breaker that automatically protects the air out of brake lines and electrical equipment, and could be extended to prevent accidents .
Low-voltage circuit can be used in low voltage distribution equipment to do the master switch and branch switching can also be used for infrequent start motor control.
First, the basic structure of low-voltage circuit breakers
Low-voltage circuit is controlled by a release, contact system, arc equipment, transmission, frame and shell and other parts of the base group
1 release
Release is a low-voltage circuit breaker used to receive signal components. If the line does not normally appear in or by the operator or a signal relay device, the release will be the case according to the signal passing through the contact element moves out of the gate cut off circuit.