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Low-voltage electrical market development

2011-7-15   Source:   View:745

The users are mainly low-voltage electric power industry, in addition to petrochemicals, coal, metallurgy, civil construction and other low-voltage electrical products manufacturer by the vast majority of low-voltage equipment manufacturers to buy, and then assembled into a distribution panel, power distribution electric box, protection screen, control panel and other low voltage devices and then sold to users.
1, which is characterized by:
(1) towers, all walks of life are inseparable from the national economy can be said that low-voltage electrical appliances. People's daily lives, but also inseparable from low-voltage electrical appliances.
(2) varieties of different specifications (voltage, current, protection, very few), complex environmental conditions (altitude, temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.).
(3) users of low-voltage electrical quality (appearance, reliability, longevity, size, etc.) are becoming increasingly concerned about the high quality and low product, both energy without polluting products popular.
2, the structure of demand
All walks of life for low-voltage electrical products, demand structure varies, but generally have the following rules:
(1) frame circuit breakers and molded case circuit breaker amount ratio of about 1:9.
(2) The current low level of high-volume products (such as the 1600A circuit breaker above the amount of small, 3000A less than the amount), and 100A and the following very large amount of products, a greater amount of small molded case circuit breakers.
(3) to protect the motor with the low-voltage electrical products such as starters, fuses, contactors, thermal breaker, buttons and lights and other very large amount.
(4) self-control industry, the electrical transmission industry with contactors, fuses, limit switches, limit switches, buttons and lights and other very large amount.
(5) mining and coal chemical industry products in larger quantities with a vacuum breaker.
3, the industry concentration and economies of scale enterprise
Low-voltage electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, the distribution of the whole enterprise is reasonable. Enterprises in the economies of scale there are a few aspects:
(1) small and scattered organization. Lack of competitive strength and advantage. China's current low-voltage electrical enterprises to enter the country one of the few manufacturers of large enterprises, while SMEs accounted for more than 90% (annual sales revenue and total assets were 500 million yuan and above for large enterprises; 5,000 million and above for medium-sized enterprise, the rest for small businesses).
(2) regional structural convergence, did not reflect the comparative advantage and synergy. 20 years since the 1980s, from more than 600 low-voltage electrical plant, to the current 1,000. As the blind on the project, setting up shops, serious regional industrial convergence, low cost, low-level redundant construction, resulting in the product backlog, energy, material waste, lower adverse economic consequences.
(3) The technical structure is irrational, mainly the low level of industrial technology and equipment. According to statistics, in the company's main technical equipment, advanced technical and economic performance than only 1 / 3. Backbone of the enterprise-led products reach international technical standard of the 1990s and only about 18%.
4, the market sales structure
Sales of low-voltage electrical products in the domestic market, mainly for power generation equipment, automation equipment and other facilities. According to the statistics for each additional 10,000 kW power generation equipment, about 40,000 kinds of products with low-voltage electrical facilities, of which about 230 frame air circuit breaker, MCCB about 2,200. In addition, low-voltage electrical appliances and motor ratio of the total installed capacity of about 0.5 / W. That is a 30 million kW of power generation equipment to be 1.2 million low-voltage electrical components with various types of facilities, including low-voltage circuit breaker type 6900 sets the framework, MCCB 66,000 units.
5, the product structure of import and export trade
Small low-voltage electrical products imported varieties, the number of small, limited by government policy. Typically, only the key projects in need of low-voltage electrical components can not be produced before they can consider the import, there is a designated foreign investors is a large foreign companies must use the product, only to be considered imports.
The number of low-voltage electrical products export is not, the amount is not high, export the following situations:
(1) offshore processing, exports.
(2) the introduction of foreign technology or equipment buy-back to each other - compensation trade.
In recent years, the SETC, the State Administration of Machinery Industry to support the development of measures to encourage export of electromechanical products. In 1999, the Ministry of Foreign Trade made 9 comments on this, when the low-voltage electrical products export volume has increased significantly.
6, the market price trend
China's current low-voltage electrical product price is a bit confusing:
(1) general implementation of state-owned enterprises price price of industry self-regulation, industry self-regulatory member of the Association between the price of sales by product, not wild speculation, not dumping.
(2) Non-member trade association of trade associations often cf "price discipline", according to their company's need to develop a product sales price. Ex-factory price, retail price and a wide variety of bulk ex-factory price, etc., damage the interests of customers, is not conducive to fair competition among enterprises and economic benefits.
(3) foreign companies in the country to do some electrical number of wholly owned companies or joint-venture company's product prices are higher than the price of domestic products. Past two years, some large foreign companies in order to squeeze the domestic low-voltage electrical market, the trend has been lower prices, but the price cut is not too large.
Domestic price competition is fierce, the formation of a buyer's market, supply exceeds demand, prices will inevitably lead to war, the recent market prices fell slightly, profits are down.
7, the market capacity forecast
The domestic market capacity and low-voltage electrical power industry's development is closely linked. It is estimated that from 2001 to 2005 the increase in generating capacity of around 4%, from 2006 to 2010 at 4.5 percent; elasticity of electricity in 10 years, an average of about 0.6, so that from 2001 to 2005 the additional electricity each year - 77 billion 660 kWh, 2006 ~ 2010 are additional annual electricity consumption 660 ~ 77 billion kWh, the power unit according to the country in 1997 calculated the average daily run 131h, 2001 to 2010 the average annual new installed capacity of 21GW or so. Calculated in accordance with experience supporting more than a year requires low-voltage circuit breaker frame about 48 million units, MCCB 4.62 million units, other types of low-voltage electrical product requirements is very significant.
Low-voltage electrical products exports relatively large number of countries in Southeast Asia, as national attention on the export of electromechanical products, support and encourage the improvement of the Southeast Asian financial crisis, are conducive to low-voltage electrical exports.
In short, can be expected capacity of low-voltage electrical appliances market will grow steadily, the outlook is optimistic.
8, the characteristics of market competition
(1) a huge market, the number of domestic low-voltage electrical manufacturers too, some foreign companies have entered the domestic market, competition is fierce.
Low-voltage electrical industry is facing a serious oversupply situation. As the power, petrochemical, construction and other industries, large-scale development, to the low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry provides a good opportunity, but the number of firms increased too much, coupled with some foreign electrical companies face the huge Chinese market is also a Bay and, more intensified level of competition.
(2) competition and inequality, not the market high quality excellent.
China is in the process of economic transition, the phenomenon exists in a variety of unfair competition in the supply and marketing sectors. In accordance with market rules, prices should be excellent quality, price or conditions of the same quality product sales should be better, but the reality is not necessarily so.
9, comparing the strength of the market competitors
In the domestic market, Chinese enterprises in low-voltage electrical products still occupy 60% to 70%, in other words state-owned enterprises are still the main force. These companies after 50 years of development, design and manufacturing has been greatly improved, designed and manufactured to meet the basic needs of the national economy, but it should be noted that low-voltage electrical industry, the manufacturing process behind the company, dedicated process less equipment, production poor reproducibility, reliability level is not high. Heavy burden on enterprises, coupled with the impact of payment arrears, state-owned financial strain is a common problem, too little money into technological innovation, product level is not high, do not form economies of scale and economic lot.
State-owned enterprises in the market there are two main competitors, one joint venture, the other is the private enterprise.
Foreign joint ventures are usually out of technology and equipment, plant and labor out of China. Products of high starting point, series, tooling is good, there is no state-owned enterprises as a heavy burden, can be described as economic strength and technical strength are more powerful. As the joint venture to establish a short time, the scale is relatively small, the joint venture's product prices are high, the competition does not prevail.
Private enterprise since 1985 growing quickly, now is the increase in the slowing down, but still faster than the rate of increase in other forms of ownership, initially in the low-voltage electrical appliances, private businesses are small, few products of different specifications, in recent years, economic expanding economic benefits become more apparent. Some of these companies have reached the national large and medium size enterprises, their products are lower cost than state-owned enterprises, product price advantage, business ideas in line with laws of market economy, a powerful marketing system and effective, so they show the economic benefits trend of rapid growth.
The successful development of intelligent circuit breaker represents the development direction of China's low-voltage electrical appliances. It addition to Sec selective protection and ammeter, voltmeter, display, memory, test, self-diagnosis, the regional breakdown shows that the load monitoring and intelligent alarm functions, but also with a computer connected with the host computer communication interface allows remote control, remote transfer, remote telecommunications, computer control system to meet the power and automation requirements. It combines modern electronics, measurement, control and computer technology, high-tech products. Currently, some factory is developing 4000A, 5000A intelligent circuit breaker.