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New pattern of international markets low-voltage electrical

2011-7-15   Source:   View:558

Currently, the international industrial countries is the introduction of low-voltage electrical source of product technology and keep up the goal, these countries attach great importance to countries other than the market, and in many regions and a relatively long and mature market relations.
    Japan, U.S., Germany and the large volumes of products and technologies
    Japan, the United States, Germany is the international market, a major exporter of low voltage electrical appliances. Japan's low-voltage electrical main export to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Among this, exports to Southeast Asia accounts for about 1 / 2. United States switchgear and control equipment with annual sales of approximately over $ 8 billion, ranking the world's Westinghouse, GE and other companies not only in the low-voltage electrical appliance has been to maintain the advanced technology development, but also the technology of large output and exports. Germany in the field bus technology as the core of the fourth-generation product development boom, the most prominent achievements of Siemens Corporation, and its low-voltage electrical communication can be formed has a very large industrial manufacturing systems, power distribution monitoring system, the German electrical products 60 % of exports, after Japan and the United States, ranking third in the world, of which 3 / 4 to Europe.
    Western Europe is a potentially large market
    Western European countries, especially Germany, in the next 10 to 15 years low-voltage switchgear and distribution equipment market will be very stable, it will reach an annual growth rate of 3% to 6% more than the average speed of economic development. Meanwhile, the power to effectively double the power every device in the loss rate will increase by four times the capacity of existing equipment will go the limit. Therefore, since the 1980s, installed and put into operation the switching equipment replacement is imperative. In recent years, the German low-voltage switchgear rated current level of market capacity has reached 2 billion a year mark. In addition, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, Holland, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain and Germany national development in general rather, this region over 1600 safety and low-voltage switch, its export market for the year with 80 to 100 billion marks.
    Optimistic about the situation in Asia, Eastern Europe
    In Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Russia, low-voltage switch equipment market capacity is expected to reach 7 billion a year mark. In Asia, expects its market potential capacity of about 8 billion marks per year. Australia and Eastern European countries the market size is substantial. North America, South America and Canada market capacity, largely for the annual $ 35 billion.