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Power transformer new opportunities and challenges

2011-7-15   Source:   View:570

With the new round of investment boom coming power, power transmission equipment manufacturing enterprises in the next few years will be at full capacity, showing production and sales, is the economy situation.
    As an important branch of power transmission and distribution transformer industry, manufacturing industry is singing along. Because China's west to east, north and south for each other, the implementation of the national network, transformer demand will remain stable growth. Generally speaking, China's power transformer is still in the early 1990s the international level, few in the late 1990s the world level, with advanced countries, there is still a gap.
Opportunities and Challenges
According to the state of the power sector "15" plan, China from 2004 to 2005 will add capacity of 25 million kilowatts, the average annual investment in power construction in 2400 billion yuan, an increase of 40% of the investment, including investment in power plant equipment the proportion of about 50% to 60%; the proportion of investment in network equipment is about 30% to 40%. With the State Council approved a total investment of 512 billion yuan of 13 new power plant power plant construction projects expected to drive the transformer industry, the annual demand for 360 million ~ 400 million kVA. According to the statistics show that in 2003 the power transmission industry, only the transformer industry average sales growth of 30%, and total industry profit has risen more than 40%. However, the production of high-growth does not mean high profits.
At present, China transformer market, there have been signs of oversupply, price competition is increasingly fierce and cruel. This transformer enterprises from home and abroad can be seen by the low profit margin. Take dry-type transformers, the 1995 average profit margin of 22%, due to the influx of manufacturing enterprises, six years later had dropped to about 5%, and because steel, copper and other raw material prices continued to rise, and transformer industry because the market is not good to sit back and relax. Now, dry-type transformers because of excess capacity, has been included in the list of restricted development.
Prior to 1995, only 100 companies nationwide over the transformer, and the end of 2003 the industry has grown to more than 1,000. 500 kV transformer market, slightly better than the high-end, price competition resulted primarily from lower than differences and marketing strategy, while the low number of transformer manufacturers, the market markedly confusion, there are plenty of low-cost distribution possible. With the increasing competition between manufacturers and will only be 20 to 30 companies account for most of the transformer market.
The influx of some large multinational companies in China occupies 20% to 30% of the transformer market, and with its advanced technology, abundant capital and brand in the growing market share, which gives a huge impact on domestic enterprises. In order to win a share of the market, many transformer manufacturers from abroad advanced production technology and equipment to further improve the product mix, improve product performance, new technology, exploration of new materials have made unremitting efforts to transformer to adapt to the needs of development.
Product development
2, the voltage level to the development of large high pressure
Voltage level will be 750kV, 1000kV development. The high cost of superconducting transformer to the market has been the biggest obstacle in the superconducting transformer in the cost of superconducting materials account for 70% to 80%. According to Wang Yinshun researcher, superconducting material is used PIT process, the experts are currently developing the second generation of spraying process superconducting materials. This will improve the mechanical properties of superconducting materials, thermal performance while significantly reducing material costs, which would enable the superconducting transformer from technology to significantly reduce time to market.
In summary, our transformer business which should be clearly aware of the opportunities and challenges. Perfect testing methods and conditions as soon as possible, mainly refers to the partial discharge testing laboratory should have a special shield, in order to make the test data with confidence to make our products competitive. According to the current situation and development of high voltage transformers, high-capacity transformer input, the proposed standards for industry management and the timely amendment of existing standards committee work.
    Only through large-scale expansion of production capacity in order to ensure the sound development of business into the fast lane.
    Enterprises should seize this historic opportunity to meet new challenges: Restart information technology and completely change the old business management system, go with the new international standards development.
1, energy conservation, small size, low noise, high impedance, explosion-proof development
Such products are small or medium size, such as the current urban and rural power grids has been recommended in the new S9-type distribution transformers; also roll core transformer, amorphous alloy transformers, sealed transformer, combined transformer, dry transformer, high ignition transformer oil, SF6 gas-insulated transformers. China will study the introduction of preferential policies to encourage the replacement of old transformers and high-energy transformation, develop and promote the production and sale of transformers, to encourage the promotion of efficient transformers.